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We are a videogames production company that focuses on story-driven,

rich, dynamic and interactive experiences. A good story is a good story,

no matter which form it takes, we are fanatical about story telling, as we

believe this is the heart of gaming experiences. Join us as we start our

journey to bring you incredible gaming experiences that resonate for years

to come.

We are a small group of passionate story tellers and gamers

and are looking for talented artists and visionaries to join our team.

We believe in hiring great people and empowering them with the

tools and resources to achieve their best work. If you're passionate

about story-telling and games, we want to hear from you. Please

see the vacancies below. 

Currently Looking For:

Sr. Gameplay Programmer
Sr. Gameplay Designer

Director of Operations

Environment Artist

Sr. Level Designer
3D Artist

Inquire about other roles at


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