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Sr. Level Designer

London, UK

Chronicle Games is a new videogame company founded on the vision that creative freedom and empowerment lead to much better innovation in story telling. We believe in the power of small, agile teams where everyone is empowered to make decisions and help drive the vision of the project.

We are a UK-based company with offices in London, UK, offering a flexible work environment combining from-home, in-office, and remote work. By joining Chronicle Games, you will be welcomed into a diverse team of talented developers creating an immersive new universe of story, character, and discovery.      

Role Description

As Sr. Level Designer at Chronicle, you will work with programmers and artists to envision, plan, and implement entire sequences of fun and innovative gameplay. Initial work will involve exploration of game design concepts as part of developing our new IP, and later will move on to creating content for the game at final quality. This role involves close collaboration with other disciplines to shape the vision of the project, as you integrate content design with other facets of the game and iterate towards a cohesive overall experience.

While we are still under COVID-19 restrictions this role will initially be work-from-home, but per your preference it can transition to mostly in-office in London, as part of our flexible location model.


  • Work with the Creative Director to explore and define the overall game experience through prototypes

  • Create level design content using Unreal Engine

  • Collaborate with other team members to integrate their work into a high-quality game experiences

  • Iterate based on constructive feedback from peers, testers, and players

  • Define a quality standard for level design and create and maintain clear and effective design documentation



  • Experience as a Level Designer shipping multiple AAA titles, ideally with Unreal Engine

  • A strong understanding of the state of the art in game design and a passion for innovation

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • Strong initiative and ability to drive cross-discipline efforts

  • An added value would be a degree in Computer Science, Game Design, or other related field


To apply, please send your CV to

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